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Why, hello there!

Gah, where have you guys been!?

Oh wait, this is *my* blog, I’m the one who’s supposed to show up regularly and share content, huh? My apologies, and can I just say, being a food blogger without a kitchen is the pits! The good news though is that I have like 80% of a kitchen. Enough to cook in!

I got my counter tops last week, which means all I’m waiting on now is the backsplash, and teeny tiny little details like cabinet and drawer hardware and toe kick. 

Introducing my gorgeous new granite….

Why, hello there!

And my ridiculously ugly back-splash… 

Why, hello there!

I haven’t decided what I’m going to replace it with, but I’m thinking it’ll be light gray tile. Mini subway tiles? Hexagonal tiles? Who knows? I still have to bust out the old tile then repair the walls and paint anyway, so I have time to decide. And yes, I am installing the back-splash myself! I will definitely keep you posted on that adventure, haha!

And! I actually cooked this weekend! I made an amazing Buffalo Tofu Quinoa Veggie thing that isn’t properly named yet, but I did take pictures and plan to blog it as soon as I get the pics edited. An unfortunate side effect of my recent breakup is that I lost my photographer and all his fancy equipment, so I’m kind of starting over in that department, so please don’t be too judgey. 

What else have I been up to? Mixing drinks, like this other recipe that’s coming soon:

Why, hello there!

Citrus, peach, and strawberry are the flavors. And vodka. Lots and lots of vodka. 

Speaking of vodka, I’ve also been up to this (that’s my favoritest niece Gaby in the background- we have our own little all-girl biker gang going):

And this… My mom’s first tequila shot!

Why, hello there!

She came out for a long weekend to help me get settled in and we had a blast, even when we weren’t drinking 🙂



See you soon with new recipes!

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  • Angie April 6, 2015, 3:36 pm

    The countertops looks amazing! Hope it all works out.

    • Barb April 7, 2015, 10:59 am

      Everything always works out for the best, right?

  • Amy April 7, 2015, 7:45 am

    Best of luck with the kitchen, glad you’re back I’ve missed your fun recipes!

    • Barb April 7, 2015, 10:58 am

      Thanks so much! I’ve missed you guys too 🙂

  • gloria kersh April 7, 2015, 3:11 pm

    Love the counter tops!!! Can’t wait to see you back in action.

  • Meredith April 8, 2015, 7:27 am

    I’m excited for kitchen updates and new recipes! 🙂

    • Barb April 8, 2015, 7:59 am

      Me too, haha!

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