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The Peachy Keen Cocktail

The Peachy Keen Cocktail | www.thatwasvegan.com

It’s Peachy Keen as in you’ll be feeling peachy keen as soon as you’re sitting outside in the shade with a cold one of these delicious cocktails! Also, I suppose, because it has peach vodka in it. 

As the weather has turned warmer (other than last weekend, ahem) I’ve been less inclined to drink my usual red wine or bourbon or whiskey. Nope, I want to sit outside with something fresh and light! G&Ts have always been my go-to summer drink, and I’m sure I’ll down my fair share of those over the coming months, but I was at the liquor store a few weeks ago and saw peach vodka on sale. 

I ♥ a sale you guys. 

Especially on booze. 

I also happened to have some fresh strawberries at home, and so the Peachy Keen was born. And then guzzled sipped gracefully, all very ladylike.  Peach and strawberry, combined with a lemon-lime fizz… very light and fruity! Maybe too fruity for a dude, but perfect for me!

It hardly needs a recipe, but here you go anyway. Cheers!


The Peachy Keen
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  1. Peach vodka (any vegan brand will do!)
  2. Lemon-lime seltzer water
  3. 2 large fresh strawberries, sliced
  4. Ice
  1. Add the ice and strawberries to your glass.
  2. Mix 1 part vodka and 3 parts seltzer, then pour over the ice and fruit. Enjoy!
  1. Any citrus beverage with bubbles will work for this- even a soda like Sprite, if you're in a pinch!
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