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40B40 – 2 Months In & More Podcasts I Love

40 Before 40

It’s been two months since I turned 39 and launched myself headfirst into my 40 Before 40 challenge, and I wanted to give you guys a few updates.

#7 Foster at least 10 animals. I’ve had three 8 week old foster kittens- Moses, Sara and Miriam. They were sick, they all had URIs which, if you know kittens, can be fatal- even though it’s really just a cold. They also had ear mites, the little buggers! They all took their meds like champs though, and within two weeks were ready to be spayed and neutered and adopted!

#26 Visit at least 2 more museums. Check! My mom and I visited the Byers-Evans House and the Molly Brown House.  Both were super interesting (my mom and I love old homes mixed with history lessons) but Molly Brown’s was my favorite. Yes, partially because Kathy Bates made her seem so bad-ass in Titanic, but also because they had all the Christmas decorations up so it was extra beautiful. 

#30 Have a more positive outlook on Sundays and Mondays. I’ve actually been doing this! I’ve found that by planning something I know I’ll enjoy on Sunday afternoon (a long bike ride with a friend, a bottle of wine on the couch with Netflix, whatever appeals to me that week), it really does make the weekend feel longer and more fulfilling. 

#35 Keep monthly mileage on my car below 500 (6k annual). I’m totally kicking butt at this one! In the 2 months, I’ve put less than 600 miles on my car, which is actually well ahead of my goal. I’ve been taking the bus to work almost everyday, and riding my bike (#36!) on errands. Seriously, I’ve been to the liquor store on my bike 3 times now! I just can’t buy more wine than fits in my backpack 😉 

There are a couple others that I’m working on too, and will update you on soon! And now, on to my new favorite podcasts!

There are so many podcasts that I adore, and not enough time to listen to them all (although, with the upcoming projects I have planned… let’s just say, nothing makes painting go faster than binging a good podcast)- and I’m always looking for more. So please! Share your recommendations in the comments, and here are some I shared before.

Ok, here’s what I’m listening to and loving right now…

  • Someone Knows Something – The second season of this Canadian BBC mystery is fantastic and I’m enjoying it just as much as the first season- perhaps even more because the mystery feels more solvable to me. Plus you can’t beat that soothing Canadian accent! This season is about a 20-something year old woman who was murdered in 1997. Her fiance is the likely suspect, but was never charged. The host, David, takes you through her life, talking to her mother and her old friends and her fiance’s friends and family, piecing everything together. It really draws you in!
  • You Must Remember This – OMG! OMG! I love this podcast. I love Karina Longworth and every story she tells. Her voice is 100% Old Hollywood elegance, and she’s very pleasant to listen to. The focus is on “the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century”, so it goes very well with #39 on my 40B40. Each season focuses on a different topic, and you learn so much. I’m currently two seasons back, learning all about Hollywood’s black list and the hysteria our country was in, people turning on each other over their real or perceived communism. It reminds me a lot of how a certain reality tv personality has gotten this country fearing and hating immigrants and people from other religions, then using it his own political advantage…
  • Last Podcast on the Left – This one is definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you like true crime and gory details, you might really enjoy this one. It’s a group of friends who are all comedians and actors and are very funny, and each episode is somehow both disgusting and laugh-out-loud funny. The first time I listened to them it was their 3 part series on Albert Fish, one of the most horrendous killers (and cannibals) in America’s history, and they still made me laugh. They’re very respectful of the victims, but they have a great time making fun of the bad guys. What I also really enjoy about this podcast, as opposed to My Favorite Murder, which I talked about last time, is the way they research. They’ll make you squirm with the details, and they’ll make you laugh like a fool while you’re listening on the bus, but they’ll also educate you. You can repeat facts you learn on this podcast, as opposed to MFM (as I learned the hard way because NO, JonBenét’s father is NOT married to Natalee Holloway’s mom!)
  • Afford Anything with Paula Pant – I’ve gotten a lot more into personal finance podcasts lately, thanks in large part to my friend Cynthia with whom I’ve shared many great personal finance discussions. Paula is young, brilliant, and interesting, and her podcast is really about learning to spend your money on what actually matters to you. If you’d like to learn more about getting smarter with your money in a way that’s easy to understand, I definitely recommend this podcast.

Now it’s your turn- tell us what podcasts you’re listening to!

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  • Angie December 30, 2016, 9:21 pm

    You are making great progress on your list!

    Last Podcast is currently one of my favorites. They started off annoying me, but have grown on me now like old friends. I am binge listening to past episodes. I am SO ready for You Must Remember This to return in January!

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